Ever came home, only to find your house a complete mess, dog slobber on the ripped couch cushions, feces in the floor and flower pots knocked over? I'm sure many of you have. So how do you fix these problems you may be asking, simply put; Train your dog.

Dog training can be a very simple thing if people take the time out to do it, most people think it is a waste of their precious time. But they're wrong, it is well worth it as training will create a relationship with your dog even further than the one you had and keep the two of you living peacefully, no more whipping the dog for bad behavior or for doing something he shouldn't do.

A trained dog will feel more comfortable with his owner, instead of being the dog that is always getting yelled at or punished for doing something wrong. If they aren't taught not to do something, how do they know if it is right or wrong? They don't. So with training comes a rewarding relationship that will make it easier on you and the dog both. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dogs are not trained, sad isn't it? I think it is, considering the fact that training will open up a wide variety of communication with your pet, instead of you pulling on the dog and screaming "Hey! Stop chewing on the couch!" You could simply say the dogs name and a command such as; "Hooch, No!" and the dog will happily leave the couch alone. Ok, enough of my babbling, onward to training!

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